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    Gurkiran Kaur, Ludhiana, India

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  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to the töhl team for the bag and matching wallet. Both are absolutely beautiful and compliments are already pouring in. Keep up the good work.. It's always nice to come across great new Indian brands.

    Tara Kaul, Delhi, India

  • I love my luscious red PERRY töhl bag. Its unique design with two outer pockets on either side is definitely easy on the eye. Its functionality is appealing too. I love the fact that I can easily get to often used accessories like sunglasses and mini water bottles without rummaging through one gigantic central compartment. It's a head turner for sure.

    Sruthi Kumar, Chennai, India

  • I am a hand bag addict , and they are my one obsession that I like to spend on. For the last few years I have been using töhl bags and they are fabulous. The leather, the workmanship, finish are international luxory standards. The designs are amazing they fit all my needs and most important I dont get a frozen shoulder carrying these bags. Thank you töhl and best of luck for the future ... from a very happy customer

    Niyati Sareen, Chennai, India

  • Thank you töhl team for getting everything right from the start. The website is clutter-free and easy on the eye, the products are classy and practical. The handbag that I ordered has a place for everything, and is minimally patterned, lightweight, soft and elegant - it's just what the doctor ordered! I'm happy to be one of the first online customers and wish the venture the very best. Thank you for the thoughtful gift that you sent along with the bag.

    Munira, Surat, India

  • "Absolutely great Product and I am going to place another order as well"

    Sushrut Nallulwar, Mumbai MH

Leather & Leather Care Guide

All about our leathers & leather care...

Here at töhl, we manufacture and source fine leathers, made more beautiful by age and care.
We  ensure that only the highest quality materials find their way into our products. Using a range of specialised treatments and finishes combined with laborious handcraft techniques, we treat our handpicked leathers with artisanal respect, ensuring that all processes meet global standards. Find out more about the leathers we work with:

Soft Nappa Leather

This is a full grain, aniline leather that retains its natural surface texture. With a plain optic and a soft but supple form, our products made from this leather are durable and comfortable to use.

Soft Vitello Leather

This leather is tumbled in a milling machine in which it is rotated in the absence of air and heat. As a result of the soft falling action, the natural fine lines of the leather are further enhanced.
Flexible and durable, soft vitello leather has a fine texture.

Silky Nappa Leather

Characterised by its smooth finish and subtle temper, silky nappa is an extra soft leather. Thin and supple, it has a delicate buttery texture and lends itself well to two tone colour effects. The pearlized versions add a lustre resembling the sheen of mother of pearl. 


Leathers that have had their underside buffed to give them a fine, velvety nap are called suede. Lightweight, soft and silky, this leather adds interesting textures and accents to töhl products. Colours are particularly vibrant and bright on these surfaces.

Soft Metallic Nappa

Abrasion resistant and glossy, metallic nappa is a soft leather with a metallic finish achieved by adding a laminate. It is distinctive and modern in its colour effect.

Embossed Leather

A decorative grain or pattern is applied to the surface of the finished leather to create embossed leathers. Sourced from Europe, these are treated to give them unique visual effects.

Antique Distressed Leather

This finish is designed to give the leather a classic vintage look, with patterns that have an aged or distressed feel. Incorporating a two tone colour effect with a subtle sheen, our antique distressed leathers have a rich textured optic.

Patent Leather 

Patent leather is leather with a lacquer finish, giving it a glossy, reflective surface. Its flexibility and shine make it stylish and versatile; particularly sought after for handbags, accessories and shoes for formal occasions. At töhl we source the best quality patent leathers from Italy in mirror smooth colours, as well as embossed versions.  

Care for your leather product : 

If you have any further questions on care for your töhl product, call us on +91-8300112000 or email us at customercare@tohl.in, and we'll do our best to help! 




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